TextBehind® Retains iBOSS to Identify the Right Investors for Their Capital Campaign

Laurel, MD – TextBehind® of Phoenix, MD secured the services of iBOSS for their capital campaign to attract investors to their early-stage platform where they establish consistent and affordable communication between family, friends and their incarcerated loved ones nationwide.

Established in 2014, TextBehind® is America’s first-ever full-cycle inmate communication service. This proprietary text-messaging platform makes TextBehind® the first service of its kind to create unprecedented social impact while eliminating various security issues. Their text messaging with photos, custom greeting cards, and electronic money transfer services enable families, friends and pen pals to affordably communicate with their incarcerated loved ones in any prison facility nationwide right from their smart phones and computers. More importantly, unlimited inmate reply letters are electronically delivered back to the family and friends at no additional charge.

The U.S. Federal and State prisons have over 2.3 million inmates with an alarmingly high recidivism rate [http://www.bjs.gov/content/reentry/reentry.cfm]. Due to the very limited, inconvenient and cost prohibitive communication options available for all the parties involved (inmates and the rest of the outside world), the inevitable lack of communication and increased security risks create a series of behavioral incidents inside prisons causing many challenges for the correctional staff such as increased overheads, contraband, time wastage, health risks and often the need to take extreme measures. The same core problem also causes emotional and social issues for family and friends, especially their 2.7 million children.

Zia Rana, Cofounder, President & CEO of TextBehind® commented, “Prison management is one of the fastest growing industries in the USA, with the recidivism rate on the rise. Research shows that over 70% of the children of the incarcerated parents end up behind bars at some point in their life due in some part to loss of communication. TextBehind® is committed to positively impacting this trajectory and we’re well on our way. With over 16,000 subscribers and limited capital we have proven our concept. Now with iBOSS helping us fully capitalize our business plan, we can extend our servicing of families, friends and pen pals nationally.”

Lorette Farris, CEO and Business Strategist at iBOSS, Inc. brings a wealth of investment banking experience to bear for young companies navigating the field of investment capital. iBOSS (internet Back-Office Systems & Services) seamlessly manages administrative and functional processes of identifying and engaging suitable investors. Lorette commented, “Raising capital can be a full-time job and a time-drain for startups and early-stage company founders that really need to focus on the business. At iBOSS we have created a process to help our clients build a database of likely investors to engage with. Thereby saving tremendous time by limiting their chasing unlikely investment candidates and fostering healthy relationships with more likely investors for both short and long-term capital needs.”

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For more information: www.textbehind.com 800-590-0495 | www.iBOSSinc.com 240-645-0993 x 103

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