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Banksmeadow, NSW – July 14, 2015 – Summer temperature in Australia is rising every year and the days on average are getting hotter. The concern is so high that even the Australian Medical Association has been referring the heat waves as the ‘silent killer’. More and more number of Australians are losing their life to heat. While the government can only plan for a better warning and meteorological service, the common Aussie will still have no respite from the climate change. Better air conditioning is the only option. Today, every three household out of four in Sydney has either an air conditioning or evaporative cooler in place. Today, the rate of ownership of air conditioners has almost doubled compared to the 1990s.

Amidst the rising demand for air conditioning systems in households and offices, one cannot also forget the rising prices of electricity. Between July 2007 and December 2012, power prices have risen by more than 70%, making air conditioning less affordable 1. Those who have owned an air conditioner for a long time don’t want to replace appliance with a new one and invest in repairing. Shockingly, according to a report by Household Energy Use, people are even selling assets, cutting on healthcare and skipping meals to pay their electricity bills. With so much happening around air conditioning in Australia, there are good reasons to invest in a good air conditioning installation and repair service.

Keeping you safe and healthy

Good air conditioning means a comfortable home environment and lower energy bills. Whether you are using a split or a ducted air conditioning system, you need to ensure that the appliance is able to provide the desired temperature. Heat tolerance can be a major issue with people suffering from multiple sclerosis (20,000 people in Australia), wherein even a change of 0.20 can give rise to MS symptoms, increases irritation and the dependence on pharmaceuticals 1. Heat affects all and can make the body dehydrates, weak and broken down.

Economic benefits

Modern air conditioners come with energy star ratings as opposed to the window air conditioning systems of yesteryears that consumed a lot of electricity. In Sydney, the annual air conditioning use averages 1544 hours. According to 2007 estimates, cost of cooling for an average household was between $49 and $66 every month. The price is higher in hotter areas. A good air conditioning installation and repair service will ensure that the appliance doesn’t consume extra energy and that the costs are kept to the minimum.

Reducing power interruptions

According to the Energy Supply Association of Australia, household demand for air conditioning can reach to ‘unprecedented peaks’ which result in power interruptions for a collective area. In most cases, the need of more power is reasoned by faulty appliances that are working on less than optimum levels. For people who have avoided a repair service for a long time, they are only adding to their energy bills and putting extra pressure on the local supply instead.

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