Experts from Kids In The House Reveal What to Do When Your Teen Starts Dating

Los Angeles, CA – Imagine your teenage daughter coming home one day and announcing that she has a new boyfriend. For many mothers and fathers, this proclamation would bring up many questions: Who? Where did you meet this person? Have I met him? What are his intentions? Etc. Kids In The House hopes to ease your mind a little with advice from parenting professionals.

Kids In The House hosts a video online featuring parenting experts who study behavior, relationships and the teen brain. Content is housed in snackable sizes, usually ranging from around one minute to ten minutes, making it easy for users to custom search answers to their many questions.

When looking for specific topics like teen dating or teen relationships, tags on the videos pinpoint the most precise answer to the user’s question.

What can often start as excitement for a new relationship for teens can then morph into a range of emotions from fear to lackluster enthusiasm. This happens because teens do not manage their expectations for these new relationships. That is what they have their parents for!

“Teens have unrealistic expectations because of what they see on TV, in magazines and on screen,” says Leana Greene, CEO of Kids In The House. “While adults might be able to read what is realistic and what is not, teens do not have that same filter.”

In order to keep expectations realistic, parents need to listen to their teens and only offer advice when it is asked for. The best way for teens to find out what they want in a relationship is for them to safely explore different avenues.

“No teenager is going to think that her parents understand what she is going through,” says Greene. “That’s why it’s up to the parents to be good listeners so that the child can feel like her parents better understand.”

Be relatable first and foremost. For other bits of advice on how to connect with teens who are dating, check out The Kids In The House website.

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Kids In The House is the world’s largest parenting video library with over 8,000 videos from 450 experts including physicians, psychologists, researchers, educators, best-selling authors, and other celebrated cultural voices. The website hosts short-form video content that features parenting professionals sharing advice for all parenting styles.

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