Chronic Dehydration is a Silent Health Crisis and Infusion H2O has the Solution

Product distribution company Infusion H2O believes their fruit-infused water bottle can make it possible for people to get the hydration they need, easier than ever before.

A recent study states that two-thirds of the American public is not drinking enough water. Dehydration leads to headaches, dry skin and a feeling of being unwell and groggy. Water is also necessary for proper digestion and to flush out toxins from the system. A medical study proved that children can boost their metabolic rate for as much as 40 minutes after drinking water. The problem is that getting children or adults to drink water can be difficult because so many find it unappealing and bland. Infusion H2O wants to change that and their new campaign is underway to encourage anyone who dislikes plain water to discover their habit-changing product.

The company is gaining a lot of attention for their popular Amazon fruit infused water bottle. Spokesperson MaryAnne Graham is happy to boast about the many features their customers find appealing. “We have heard a tremendous amount of flattering feedback about our water bottle. It is easy to drink from because it has a rounded spout and a comfortable hand grip. The hook makes it convenient for use while hiking or riding a bike and the large opening is perfect for cleaning because it is easy to fit a hand into the container to wash.”

More important than the look and comfort is how it can help improve the health of its user,” continued Graham. “Fruit infused water is a flavorful way to enjoy the health benefits that water provides. It is an all-natural, low calorie beverage option for adults and children that also delivers a lot of the vitamins and minerals their bodies need. It can even help to save money and reduce waste because it can be used repeatedly unlike store-bought bottled water and juice.”

The company points out that their container is BPA-free, a chemical that can leach from plastic bottles that are designed for a single use. It is made of a durable plastic and comes complete with a roomy and strong fruit basket that is easy to fill.

“The cup is designed to fit together perfectly, so drips and spills are non-existent,” said Graham. “It provides enough fluid for even the most strenuous workouts because it can hold an impressive 32 ounces. It is convenient too. By filling the fruit basket and allowing it to sit overnight, the water will be fully infused and ready to go in the morning. The large openings in the fruit basket means it does not require a lot of shaking to keep the flavor flowing.”

“Many of our customers also use it to infuse water with tea and herbs by placing reusable muslin spice bags into the fruit basket,” states Graham. “Several customers have included in their large fruit infused water bottle review on the product page how they use the bottles in this manner.”

Graham is encouraging people to purchase a bottle for every member of the family. “These bottles can make it easier for people to lose weight, stay hydrated and improve their overall health. We consider them to be a very beneficial product for anyone who needs to increase their water intake.”

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