ATTACH Partners with 3M to Create Customizable SMART Shirts

If you are like most people, you probably have a shirt, hoodie or long sleeve T that you consider your favorite, and if it develops a tear or unrelenting stain, you feel like you’ve lost a good friend. A new company called ATTACH has developed a new line of clothing that will not only prevent this from happening, but also enables you to design customized clothes that match your tastes. Called SMART shirts, these innovative products use the T-shirt as the baseline, with a wide array of collars, pockets and sleeves in colors and styles that you choose.

SMART Shirts is the result of a partnership between ATTACH and 3M, a world leader in digital technology and product innovation. 3M created the amazing fasteners that enable you to attach sleeves, collars and other features to your basic SMART Shirt without compromising comfort or stylishness. SMART Shirts are among the first to enable fashion conscious consumers of either gender to mix and match clothing features to suit an occasion, weather or changing tastes. In addition to shirts, ATTACH has also created a beautiful line of extendable bags as well.

While SMART Shirts are likely revolutionize the fashion industry, they are still currently in the design phase. If you are as excited about these high-tech clothing lines as most fashion lovers, you will want to help support this product through their crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. By reserving your SMART Shirts and features kits, you can make sure that SMART Shirts reaches the mass market. In return for supporting this important and historic campaign, you can get valuable perks like SMART Shirts, Indiegogo exclusive kits, founder privileges, Basic Reflective kits, Basic Pocket kits, Elegant Basic kits, Sleeves Only kits, Extended Reflective kits, Extended Pockets kits, Elegant Extended kits, Basic Bag kits, Extended Bag kits, Plus kits, Hardened Side Bag kits, Hardened Core Bag kits, or Reseller Rights.

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