Modern Living with kathy ireland Recently Sent Camera Crews On Location to Texas to Meet with Leaders in Health Care Education and Training

Modern Living with kathy ireland

Modern Living with kathy ireland provides news direct from the source, the innovators and executives that drive progress. Recently our camera crews went to Texas to discuss Health Care Education and Training.

The Health Care industry’s dynamic growth, along with changes in Health Care from a legislative perspective, has increased the need for educational institutions to continually improve and adjust academic programs to provide more skilled and qualified graduates. Our featured guest on Modern Living helps those who want to make a difference by helping others turn this passion into the Health Care career of their life.

Their focus is only on health care, and they have physicians on staff and on their advisory committees. This keeps them abreast of the evolving needs of the medical community that employs their graduates. It also helps them glean insights into program and instructional design embellishments to stay at the forefront of allied health care education. They have been the authority in allied health care education for over 25 years by supporting aspiring professionals to become successful care leaders in their careers, families and communities.

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