Su Credit Offers Personal and Business Loans to Foreigners

Singapore’s Su Credit provides loans to foreign born residents who need funds fast.

The old phrase “Life happens” is a meme precisely because in everyone’s life there are moments where they have more liquid reserves and times when there are less. People need money for all types of reasons, both good and bad. Sometimes a good idea comes up that someone needs start-up capital for, other times someone’s vehicle may have died and they need quick money for a vehicle purchase. Finding money becomes more difficult when someone is not a citizen or permanent resident of the country he or she is working in. Fortunately, Su Credit, a licensed Singapore moneylender provides loans to foreigners.

Su Credit provides personal loans in Singapore, and business loans to residents and foreign nationals alike. The company is known for their easy loan process and willingness to work with customers to help even those who may have difficulty with other lenders. Business loans in Singapore from Su Credit have reasonable interest rates and terms, making it easier than ever for companies to get their start up funds.

“We want everyone to know that we will do our best to help our customers secure credit and get the money they need quickly and without a lot of hassle,” says a spokesperson for Su Credit. “We have a good reputation in Singapore as a money lender because we believe in providing everyone with the respect they deserve when they walk through our doors.”

About Su Credit

Su Credit is a well-established and licensed money-lender in Singapore. They offer a wide range of loan products for every occasion and works with individuals, families, and businesses to secure the loan they need for their occasion or need. Their foreign loan program is well-received by the ex-pat and business community in Singapore.

Media Contact
Company Name: Su Credit
Phone: 66365644
Address:8 Burn Road #10-12 TRIVEX
Country: Singapore