Spark Audio Launches Crowd Funding Campaign To Develop A New Audio Ecosystem

VANCOUVER – Spark Audio has announced the launch of a revolutionary premium speaker system — SparkBlocks. SparkBlocks is a modular speaker ecosystem that offers a new approach to the traditional speaker. At the core of the SparkBlocks ecosystem is the Main Block. This central component offers portability, four hours of battery life, and Spark Audio’s premium sound quality; however, the real appeal of the SparkBlocks system is the easy addition of the various modules that allow the user to customize their sound experience. 

Speaker technology has evolved rapidly to create more compact speakers with improved sound quality, however, the fundamental concept of the speaker has remained unchanged. There has been no major development to the way we interact with our speakers — until now. SparkBlocks innovative design allows the user to build a completely customized system without sacrificing aesthetic design or sound quality. 

SparkBlocks is referred to as an ecosystem because it allows for audio components, audio adjustment components, computer blocks, accessories, and gadgets. SparkBlocks innovative design allows for multiple modules to interact with each other via a physical slide-to-connect method or wireless connection. These two options allow the user to assemble their SparkBlocks in an infinite number of ways to fully customize their SparkBlocks ecosystem. SparkBlocks offers premium HiFi sound quality while remaining aesthetically pleasing in a polished aluminum finish. Select modules are also offered in a premium walnut finish. 

Music is a an intimate part of our lives — so why is the vessel that connects us to our music is rigid and unadaptive? Spark Audio’s vision was to create a speaker that produces high quality sound, is aesthetically pleasing, and customizable for each user experience. The user can choose to create a system that is focused on an audio experience or to create a visually appealing centrepiece for parties — or a combination. The ecosystem is also portable and with the accessories can be used in a variety of settings. 

Imagine a sound system that creates a personal audio and visual experience, which is also flexible enough to allow you to take that experience outside. SparkBlocks is the ultimate surround sound, while also the ultimate portable speaker. SparkBlocks not only brings music to your outdoor experience, but can also bring the light. 

There are many modules that have already been developed, and there are many more possibilities for future development. Examples of the existing blocks are: 

Audio Modules 

Tweeter Block, Midrange Block, Full Range Speaker Block, and Subwoofer 

Audio controls 

Analog Equalizer, Digital Equalizer, Vacuum Tube Filter, Bass/Mid/Treble Control, Remote Control Block 


The SmartBlock — which utilizes a touch screen and onboard computer to communicate via wifi and Bluetooth to stream music and apps. 

Accessories (gadgets) 

Extended Battery (12hrs), Bicycle Mount, LED Lantern, Speaker Grills, Waterproof Case, Outdoors Cover, Handle, LED connections As the possibilities for modules are endless, only some of the above modules will be initially manufactured. Spark Audio will create an online community to facilitate discussion and produce ideas for new blocks. 


SparkBlocks modular speaker system has launched on Kickstarter. By pledging to support the campaign, backers will be the first to receive SparkBlocks. Go to our website for more information. 

About Spark Audio 

Spark Audio was co-founded by Yousef S. Javaher and Ramtin Bidshahri in 2014 and is a leader in premium speaker technology in Canada. Yousef is the lead designer and technology developer at Spark. 

As a Mechatronics Systems Engineering student at Simon Fraser University with practical experience and a passion for innovation, Yousef has been active in the audio industry for over four years. He has particular expertise with audio impact and range optimization, and has worked on a wide array of personal and professional projects. Ramtin is Spark Audio’s chief of strategy and business development. 

As SparkAudio’s chief of strategy and business development, Ramtin is responsible for market research, PR, financial modeling, and operations. He co-founded SparkAudio with Yousef in 2014. Ramtin earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of British Columbia and is currently completing the D.A.P. at UBC’s Sauder School of Business.

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