The First Collection of Bastet – Leopard Messenger Bag and Backpack with Anti-theft and Weatherproof Protection

Have you ever worried about being pickpocketed in busy streets and ruining your travel fun?

Have you ever got stuck in the rain and had all your valuables soaked inside your bag?

Have you ever thought of having a bag that can protect you from the above?

The objective of the first BASTET bag collection: “Leopard”, a messenger bag and a backpack, to enhance the travel experience by providing a better solution for anti-theft and weather proof protection. 

Leopard500 Messenger and Leopard600 Backpack

The versatile messenger bag and backpack designed for daily use, large capacity with several organizer pockets for different purpose can carry your personal essentials methodically. Built in anti-theft features and high performance water repellent outer fabric can protect your daily life and journey will not be ruined by theft or bad weather.

Weather Proof

Not just beautiful, the outer fabric can endure 5000mm hydrostatic pressure and matching with high quality YKK water proof zip, it can protect your important belonging inside the bag will not get wet even you are on the street in the rainy day and unfortunately without umbrella.

Anti-bag slashing and pickpocket

Did you ever ask about “Can I have a minute to relieve when carrying the backpack in the bustling crowds?”

Leopard messenger and backpack also have anti-cut Dyneema fabric layer, it can against bag slashing theft, besides, each bag compartment have a locking hook, the zip puller can be locked to the hook thus no hand can sneak into the bag. Now you can relax even walking in the busiest place.

Anti bag-snatching and pilfering

Sometimes, we won’t notice there’s a thief already eyeing up your valuable belonging in your bag when we too focus chatting with friends in coffee shop. To prevent bag snatching and pilfering, you can utilize the double lock buckle and the anti-cut Dyneema webbing shoulder strap to lock the bag onto the table or chair leg first. Enjoy the gathering with friends, but remember to bring your bag when you leave.

Anti identity thief

Nowadays, RFID technology is everywhere, to protect the personal information which was stored in the RFID chip, like credit card, passport and ID card not to be stolen by identity thief, we sourced a unique metallic material which was blended with polyester and copper, this fabric can absorb RFID signal as like the stealth fighter absorb radar signal. We used this material as an inner layer of the RFID-blocking pocket which was built-in the bag.

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