DaVinci Vaporizer Launches Latest Price Reduction in Answer to Piqued Vaping Interest

Vaporizers with advanced features enhance the effects of medicinal herbs, publishes davincivaporizer.com

With stress factors at their highest levels in recorded history, the tobacco industry has become increasingly lucrative in recent decades. Despite a broadening customer base built on consumers hoping to find ways of mediating mounting anxiety, corporations in this sector continue to raise prices compounded by ongoing state-imposed tobacco taxes. This leaves consumers searching for less costly alternatives to the norm but raises distress over methods to most effectively and affordably reap the benefits of breaking tradition.

In light of this issue, Sandra Tempsy of DaVinci Vaporizer has launched the company’s latest price reduction. Tempsy confirmed, “We’re proud to announce the price drop for one of our best selling items, the Ascent. Originally sold for $249, this product line is now available to the public for only $199. In addition to all this model’s signature features, we’re also extending a free bonus bundle with each purchase. We encourage anyone looking for a state-of-the-art vaping system to Check out the different models of our Ascent Vaporizer.”

According to the company website, www.DaVinciVaporizer.com, the Ascent holds a number of attributes over similar products on the market. In addition to sturdy construction, this model entails a pathway made entirely of glass, generating higher quality consumption as well as enhanced flavor. The product also boasts more substantial battery life and a small, discreet design. Smokable herbs on the market require varying temperatures in order to burn properly; therefore, the Ascent offers a distinctive temperature control feature. This is said to allow users to experience the benefits of their chosen herbs more efficiently.

A pair of oil jars as well as an accompanying wall charger are included with each purchase. Previously mentioned bonus items amount to a complimentary car charger and odor-deterrent carrying case. These apply to basic models in the Ascent lineup. Customers may also choose a selection of customization options in lieu of this bundle offer. A number of clients seem drawn to this feature due to the extensive array of customizable designs available.

Concluded Tempsy, “Smokers are leaning more toward herbal alternatives these days; in fact, sales of these products have increased an annual average of 30 percent over the last several years. Certain herbs can mimic the effects of nicotine while others serve medicinal purposes and are used to treat an array of conditions. Some of these can be packed into conventional cigarette tubes while others can’t, but the effects are not nearly as potent as with a vaporizer. Customers may visit our website to Find out what you can vape with the Ascent as well as each herb’s benefits and appropriate vaping temperatures.”

About DaVinci Vaporizer:

DaVinci Vaporizer strives to bring innovative products to the market, ones made using quality materials for great results. Known for their precision temperature control, the vaporizers feature lithium ion batteries complete with pass through technology, and all products come in customizable designs.

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