Heads Up: Here Are the Biggest Deals and iPhone 6s Giveaway on EasyAcc 3rd Birthday Celebration

EasyAcc is promising more deals and giveaways than Amazon Prime Day on their 3rd birthday celebration; but which are all in limited quantities and in limited time.

Do you know that EasyAcc are celebrating our 3rd anniversary on 16th July? For us, it is time to give back, but for you, it is time to wake up and grab some of our hottest gadgets at lowest prices ever (or for FREE if you are lucky). What’s more, one of you will receive a brand new iPhone 6s/7 or whatever Apple will announce in September! WOW let’s get moving, find your favourite items and ready to grab because they are here and gone soon.

On that day, when the clock strikes 10:00am, 11:00am, 2:00pm, 4:00pm, 5:00pm, 8:00pm, 10:00pm (EDT), each time we have 10 hot items for you to grab for FREE or only £/$/€ 7.16. So please be there, don’t look away and make sure your internet is connected, there might be hundreds of EasyAcc lovers waiting to grab. 

So here is the timeline of the day, now its your turn to spot the products you want, and grab!

10:00am (EDT) / 15:00pm (UK) / 16:00pm (Germany)
FREE item Giveaways – 10 x EasyAcc 2nd Gen. Metal 6400mAh Power Bank

11:00am (EDT) / 16:00pm (UK) / 17:00pm (Germany)
Lightening sale – 10 x EasyAcc 6-Ports USB Desktop Charger (£/$/€ 7.16)

14:00pm (EDT) / 19:00pm (UK) / 20:00pm (Germany)
Lightening sale – 10 x EasyAcc portable rechargeable Bluetooth Speaker (£/$/€ 7.16)

16:00pm (EDT) / 21:00pm (UK) / 22:00pm (Germany)
FREE item Giveaways – 10 x EasyAcc Samsung Galaxy S6 Leather Wallet Flip Case

17:00pm (EDT) / 22:00pm (UK) / 23:00pm (Germany)
Lightening sale – 10 x EasyAcc 4 USB Ports Charging Dock (£/$/€ 7.16)

20:00pm (EDT) / 01:00am (UK) / 02:00am (Germany)
Lightening sale – 10 x EasyAcc USB 2.0 7-Ports self-/bus-powered Hub (£/$/€ 7.16)

22:00pm (EDT) / 03:00am (UK) / 04:00 (Germany)
FREE item Giveaways – 10 x EasyAcc UBS 2.0 Compact OTG Adapter Hub

If you were not quick enough to grab the gadgets above, don’t get down, remember you still have the chance to win a brand new iPhone 6s/7 coming out in September. Just take a picture of your EasyAcc product and post it on your FaceBook/Twitter/Instagram account with a hashtag #EasyAcc or @EasyAcc, and we will select 10 most creative photos and give away 10 free products to those whose photos are selected. We will then invite all the EasyAcc fans to vote for the best picture and the winner, will win the brand new iPhone 6s/7 in September.

Literally you can get everything for nothing if you are lucky enough, grab some free items when the clock strikes and then take some photos with the products you got to win a brand new iPhone or more EasyAcc products. This is the biggest celebration of the year that you simply can’t afford to miss.

About Us:

Headquartered in Hong Kong, EasyAcc is mainly engaged in handy electronic products and accessories with style, involving external batteries, Bluetooth devices, wireless storage, cases for PC, tablets and cellphones, etc. In the pursuit of excellence, EasyAcc takes the “3G” core values, great products, great value and great service. Detailed speaking, EasyAcc never compromise on product qualities and continuously track client satisfaction or complains. With us, life is easy and simple.

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