Smokey’s Garage Doors Advises Homeowners on the Dangers of Trying to Fix Broken Overhead Door Springs

Repairing a garage door spring is a task best left to the professionals who specialize in garage doors in Phoenix. If not done properly, replacing a worn spring can result in a collapsed garage door, warn the technicians at Smokey’s Garage Doors.

With so many moving parts, the experts at this leading garage door company in Phoenix, AZ, say it’s all too easy for a tightly wound spring to break and drop many hundreds of pounds on anyone nearby. Let the technicians at Smokey’s Garage Doors do all the heavy lifting!

Smokey’s Garage Doors has been repairing doors in the Phoenix area for home garages since 1982.

Saving money on repairs, installations, and replacements of garage doors is just one of the many benefits homeowners can expect from working with Smokey’s Garage Doors. With more than 30 years of experience behind them, they are able to work with any brand, size, or project scope when it comes to garage doors. They tackle the complex system of garage doors with ease as trained professionals, and they are able to repair a broken overhead door spring safely to avoid injury.

This trustworthy and local company offers residential garage door repairs at affordable prices. They also have a retail location, which has a wide range of popular parts for garage doors. For homeowners who prefer to do their own repairs, they sell the parts needed and offer their assistance on the best way to fix the issue. Homeowners who notice that their doors are off track can rely on Smokey’s to put them back on track. They also look for the cause, such as whether the rails that attach to the garage wall are too loose.

For a homeowner who wants to replace a garage door, whether it is rusty, loose, or broken beyond repair, Smokey’s Garage Doors has new garage doors to fit any space. Their skilled technicians have the tools and experience needed to install a door that is designed to fit perfectly into the existing garage opening. Homeowners can choose from a large selection of styles, such as wood, steel, aluminum, and custom-made doors. Smokey’s technicians also install openers, springs, and panels for garage doors.

Call the experts at (623) 223-8746 or visit their website at to learn more about their garage door services.

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