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The free Auto Insurance Saver Rate Cost Comparison tool helps consumers throughout the USA efficiently and quickly shop for better deals and lower rates on car insurance.

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ – For Californians looking to save money on car insurance, a new online rate comparison tool is becoming popular throughout the Golden State. The free Auto Insurance Saver tool from is a big hit nationwide as well as in California as more drivers discover they are possibly paying much more than necessary for car insurance. The free rate comparison tool from is a automated rate-quote shopping tool that is effective and easy to use.

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The online tool enables Californians to enter a minimum of personal information on a secure website and the information is shared with a selected small group of top auto insurance pros licensed in California who in turn compete for the users business. It’s a very user-friendly system and it works.

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Many insurance industry professionals say many Californians are typically overpaying for car insurance by as much as $350 to $600 annually. And, they say it pays to re-shop their auto policies annually to make sure they are (1) getting the best possible rate, and (2) have the appropriate coverage for their current situation.

Sometimes a simple change of zip code from a recent move can make a big difference.

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If you have a clean driving record, then California insurance companies should offer you an affordable driver’s discount. Below is some insight into California car insurance programs, laws, and rates.

According to the California law, you should have measures in place to cover costs of any injuries or damages you may cause during a car accident. The simplest and most common option that people often choose is purchasing a liability car insurance.

The following are the minimum set amounts that you are expected to have in your liability insurance policy:

• $15,000 to cover costs of injury or death to one person
• $30,000 to cover the cost of injury or death to more than one person
• $5,000 to cover the cost of damage to property

Though the California law expects you to have a liability car insurance cover, you are not limited to this coverage. Here are some other types of car insurance cover options that you can take.

Comprehensive coverage is a coverage that protects you against damages infected to your car that are not associated with traffic accidents such as damages caused by theft. Collision coverage is a coverage that protects you against damages inflicted to your car caused by traffic related accidents such as a collision with another driver. Uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage The California Department of Insurance (CDI) did a survey in 2014 that showed 14.43% of drivers in California did not have car insurance coverage. The uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage is meant to cover the cost of damage caused by such drivers.

Collision and/or comprehensive coverage is not mandatory as per the law. Nevertheless, if you have a car that is being financed, then your leasing or lending company expects you to get a collision and comprehensive coverage. You cannot register your car or renew your registration is you fail to provide proof of auto insurance coverage. Ask your insurance company to provide you an insurance card that will service as proof of insurance.

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About is a leading online auto insurance shopping marketplace that connects consumers with select insurance company agents. operates the free automated auto insurance rate-shopping tool called “Auto Insurance Saver” currently available in most every state in the United States. The unique automated tool enables consumers to quickly access competing auto insurance rate quotes from a number of select top insurance providers who are competing for the driver’s insurance business, without being required to enter too much personal information. does not provide quotes directly to consumers. does not provide insurance and is not a licensed insurance provider but connects consumers with select insurance agents via its unique, free “Auto Insurance Saver” tool.

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