Troy who lost his wife to cancer wishes to buy new car for his family

It is very devastating for any person to lose a precious member of their family. Troy had to go through even more painful circumstances as he saw his wife Dana, battling through cancer for 19 whole months before she finally succumbed to it last October. Troy and his wife had a happy family which included their seven kids out of which six lived with them. It has been heart breaking for the kids as well so watch their mother suffer and finally lose her to this deadly disease. Coping up with cancer has been really difficult for Dana who has always been a wonderful wife and mother to her children and affected her family emotionally, mentally and financially.

While she was suffering from the disease her family had to be dispersed and live at relative’s houses due to financially troubles. Troy started a fund raiser campaign to gain financial help for the treatment of his loving wife and take care of the other basic necessities and a number of people have come forward to help him in that for which he has written a wonderful thanking note on the day he lost his wife. He described his wife’s amazing life journey and his family’s experiences since last one year.

Now, after going through all this, Troy is hoping to buy a new SUV for his family but the last year has impacted his finances a lot and he’s not been able to afford the money for the down payment.

His old car is nine years old with 200k miles on it and fixing it would be a costly affair. Like the last time around he’s expecting people to support him in this time of need. Troy gives all his blessings to the ones who can contribute in this campaign. Even those who can’t they can just spread the word of mouth and share this campaign over social media. 

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