Airwheel Intelligent self balancing motorcycle Becomes the Pioneer of High-tech Transportation

Recently, each country in the world has regarded scientific and technical innovation as the vital element for development. In consideration of serious environmental pollution problem and excessive consumption of energy, many countries turn their attention to traffic innovation, with a great success.

With hazy weather cropping up frequently, the deterioration of the environment pollution raises the public concerns. It has already become an urgent issue to promote the use of clean energy. After long and hard exploration, Airwheel becomes the pioneer who successfully realizes the innovation in transportation area. 

Combined with high-tech, Airwheel intelligent electric scooter performs exceedingly well in saving cost and protecting environment. Consequently, it has been immensely welcomed soon after being launched in the market. As is known to all, automobile exhaust emission pollutes environment seriously. Instead of using fossil fuels, Airwheel self-balancing unicycle is creatively powered by electricity, faithfully fulfilling the responsibility of protecting environment. Compared with other electric vehicle, Airwheel intelligent self-balancing scooter shows better energy efficiency. What’s more, Airwheel adopts imported lithium-ion battery, which guarantees a large power capacity and a long range. With Airwheel, there is no need to be anxious about the electricity blackout halfway. High quality battery offers large lasting power capacity and long range for long-distance trip.

As one of the industry’s giants, Airwheel has launched a number of different scooters. And different series of intelligent self-balancing scooter is suitable for different riders. For instance, one-wheeled X series is designed for the brave man who love adventures; two-wheeled Q series is more popular among woman users. Specially, S series Airwheel intelligent scooter is positioned as Lamborghini in design. With the latest high-technology, S series is famous for its elegant appearance and great performance. More people are willing to exhibit their identities and status by riding an electric scooter of S series.

Urban transportation systems are overloaded because of the popularization of mobiles. Airwheel may solve this problem in the future. Integrating fuzzy software algorithm and gyroscope system, Airwheel is intelligent and smart in manipulation. And considering the serious traffic problems currently, producer designs it with light and small body, which offer chance to users to ride across the crowds easily. In the meantime, it also highlight the rider from normal drivers on the road, providing a supreme feeling for you while riding.

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