After upgrade and refinement, what does S5 electric unicycle no seat looks like?

In Airwheel, there are three models of S-series. Last year, Airwheel released two models-S3 and S3T. This year, Airwheel launched another model—S5. This is an upgraded version of S3. But there are also some breakthroughs in S5.

Airwheel convened another new release product conference on 18 June 2015, in which a new member of S-series saw the light of the day. The new member is electric unicycle S5. Due to its exclusive characteristics, it is deemed as the SUV scooter for individuals. Inheriting some features from S3, S5 optimized itself on some factors. Therefore, S5 shows better performance than S3. 

S5 adopts 16-inch large tyres. S5 is able to cover any terrain, depending on such high quality jumbo tyres. Riding a S5 on a bumpy road or going down the steps is not an impossible mission. In terms of battery, 520 W Panasonic-made battery is adopted by S5, and if it is compared with S3, the former offers larger lasting power capacity. You do not have to worry that the electricity blackout will happen halfway. With S5, they can take a long-distance trip whenever they want. Furthermore, as the shaft of S5 is foldable, it saves the storage space. And a user can carry it anywhere easily since it occupies only a tiny space in the car.

S5 is equipped with a wing. When one rides S5, he will not worry about the mire splashed on the device. This could make sure the S5 is clean. If S5 could only conquer the difficult terrain, it is hard to satisfy the need of different customers. Just because of this wing, it gains a great popularity. 

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