New self balancing scooter brand Airwheel A3 VS S5

In the early summer of 2015, Airwheel convened a new product announcement, unveiling the scooter-lovers two innovative models, i.e. intelligent self-balancing scooter A3 and electric two-wheeled scooter S5. A3 ushered in a new series of Airwheel and S5 followed the S-series but refined and upgraded. Typical of the two model is their large-capacity battery. However, there are a good many people ask: “how does one differ from the other?”

Compared with the previously released model–S3, S5 is equipped with the larger wheel hub. Its wheels reach as much as 16 inch in diameter. These large wheels aims to conquer some difficult and extreme terrains. Riding S5, one will not any more shrink from the desert, rugged paths and muddy paths. Airwheel stress the S5’s nature of conquering difficult and extreme terrains more, whereas it place a great emphasis on the ability of A3 to cover a long-distance trip. 

There is no problem for S5 to pass through the muddy path, but it is far from saying that it is not needed to worry about the mud spurred in the process of riding. Actually, Airwheel has woke up to this issue long before. A wing, namely fender, is considerately installed in S5. The wing effectively shields S5 from the mud, ensuring S5 clean and tidy. A3 is advised to run in the city as a transport. As a result, it has got no wing on it. And the installation of a wing will abate its aesthetics.

From the above descriptions about S5, Airwheel obviously attempt to position S5 as a private SUV scooter. The rough exterior appearance and the jumbo wheels bear a strong testament to this purpose. On the contrary, A3 is aimed to serve as a long-haul transport in the city. Even it is could be said that the difference between S5 and A3 is essentially the different position.

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