Self balancing scooter brand Airwheel A3: Innovative Vehicle for Long-distance Trip

For quite a long time, electric scooter has been regarded as a short-trip vehicle for minority of consumers. However, as an integrated product of innovation and technology, Airwheel electric scooter A3 has brought this vehicle into the mass market of urban commutation for the first time.

As always, electric scooter has been deemed as a transport for short trip which is only known by a minority of people. Although it is well received by white-collar workers and students as an eco-friendly vehicle that frees them from daily traffic congestion, it can’t enter the mass market and become a universal transport like bicycles and electromobiles. To change the status quo, Airwheel launched an intelligent scooter with sitting-posture riding mode–Airwheel electric scooter A3.

The most apparent innovative breakthrough about A3 lies in its riding mode. Due to the design of the previous electric scooters, users have to keep standing during the ride, which makes them fatigued very easily. Nevertheless, while riding an A3, they are actually sitting comfortably on the saddle. Moreover, Airwheel has made careful calculation and implemented special design, thereby enabling most of the female riders to touch the ground at ease. 

At the same time, A3 also takes after the operation mode of steering wheel. When riders are to turn around, they don’t have to shift their gravity center. Instead, they just need to switch the handle to the right direction. Such an operation manner has rendered the self-balancing scooter riding even easier.?

Apart from that, in order to guarantee the safety of sitting-posture riding mode, A3 is equipped with electronic brake system to replace the traditional mechanical brake mode, hydraulic suspension for abating the vibration and auto steering system that is designed based on international standard, which are the three pioneering elements within the industry. With these new features, A3 is able to provide the best riding experience for every rider in the safest manner. 

As a combination of innovation and technology, Airwheel electric scooter A3 has cleared all the concerned of consumers in terms of long-distance trips, ushering the electric scooter into the mass market of urban commutation. To make electric scooters like A3 a universal vehicle in the market, there is still a long way to go, but Airwheel will never cease its pace. 

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