Noise Bank — A new and free of cost platform for artists to share their music to the world

Noise Bank is a newly launched platform created for the upcoming and emerging artists to upload and share the music created by them without any cost. The revenue will be generated by the ads that’ll be shown on the website and 90 percent of the profit generated from it will be given to the artist themselves. The more popular an artist will be the more they can earn through Noisebank. Till now, this platform is run by a single person only but a bigger team will be required  to develop and add more features to it, for better marketing of the music and incorporating better infrastructure for servers etc. 

Noisebank is currently developing Noisebank 2.0 with improved performance, enhanced features and also developing apps for Android and iOS. The makers are also planning to increase the share of profit for the users from 90 percent to 99 percent in the new version. The Noisebank 2.0 is expected to be launched in the coming few months and it’ll include podcasts and other enhanced features through which the artist can distribute, pre-sell and market their project by creating free of cost crowdfunding page.

In the past, music has been a luxury and people had to go to a music show or concert to hear a composer play their music. Starting from the era of radio to recorded music and now to the digital music, music has gone from a luxury to being quite affordable. The digitalization of music has made it convenient for the people to listen to music of their choice and also provided an amazing platform for the emerging artist to showcase their talent which otherwise has been quite difficult earlier. The main aim of Noisebank is to promote and support such artists and provide an easy platform for all the music lovers across the world.

Media Contact
Company Name: Noisebank
Contact Person: Vimal Odedra
Phone: +918758801784
Country: India