Crowdfunding helps fund freedom of speech around the world

July 17, 2015 – Palisades Park, NJ – Several recent events, including the international nuclear deal with Iran and the controversy surrounding the confederate flag in South Carolina have reinvigorated a conversation in the U.S. about the role of free speech in a just society. In this context, we are inspired by a Kickstarter trend of US based companies and artists celebrating free speech by sharing unconventional viewpoints with the rest of the world.

Here are a few of our favorite examples:

North Korea: In a country that has almost no communication with the outside world, an American tour agency specializing in travel to North Korea has created a campaign leveraging their connections in North Korea to create a “pen pal” program between North Korean citizens and other people around the world.

Iran: An Iran born artist from California is working to create a documentary about artists in Iran who risk their lives to produce their own unique art and music despite the fact that state-funded propaganda is the only art allowed on the streets.

China: While global media finds its way to Chinese viewers more easily every day, there is still a large amount of government control over what is allowed to be shown in movies and on TV.  Cinema on the Edge is raising money to bring the government-banned Beijing Independent Film Festival to New York City.

Just in case you haven’t quite had enough of the great flag debate — well you can find that there too!

USA: One  Kickstarter is sponsored by a community who wants to pay to remove a flag high above the city and the other who wants to create a new version of the flag to replace the more historical version.


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