Better Call Trades (BCT) Announces its Amazing July Stock Pick

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BCT has an absolute winner on our hands we’d like to share with you before releasing the symbol to the masses. Get FLSR on your radar now!

All the pieces are in place to turn FLSR into my biggest pick to date

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*FLSR is set to dominate the accessory market. With revolutionary new design their portable spittoons are a modern day approach to a classic device with great historic value.

*FLSR offers the perfect solution to a much overlooked problem for millions of users with a exclusive Thumb-Lok twist cap.

*Massive marketing campaigns on social media Facebook, Youtube, Twitter etc. and in-store promotional material assure moist tobacco users will turn to FLSR as the company has no competition with its unique line of products. A ready-to-go distribution network, bricks and mortar and online reaching 85% of the retail outlets in the U.S.

*FLSR plays into a constantly growing and much overlooked industry of an estimated $6.2 BILLION USD in revenue.

FLSR is the next big thing in the smokeless tobacco industry with forward-thinking designs to appeal to professionals who use tobacco, FLSR is broadening its reach with initiatives and flask designs aimed toward key audiences.


Sponsorship of NASCAR Sprint Cup Series driver Reed Sorenson and his No. 36 Tommy Baldwin Racing (TBR) team. The NASCAR fan base and community could be a breakout audience for the company as they grow the brand.

Partnership with T Roy Broussard

An alligator hunter on the reality show “Swamp People” and a professional angler. One of the flasks has a design to match T Roy’s pro bass boat and truck.

While the company is currently focused on its U.S. audience and campaigns, the fact of the matter is that reaching an international market could blow share prices sky high.

According to the World Health Organization, approximately 250 million adults consume smokeless tobacco in the 11 countries representing the South-East Asia Region.

That’s 90% of global smokeless tobacco users. Asian sales are on fire. The World Health Organization reports that of Chinaâ??s 1.3 billion population, more than 300 million already smokeâ??and, like in the U.S., they could all potentially be smokeless tobacco users down the line.

Imagine what that could do to share prices!

Bottom line, smokeless tobacco buyers spend more than $2,000 annually each at convenience stores to support their habit.

Spending less than $5 to purchase a FLASR flask, making life easier and cleaner, is a no-brainer. (Indeed, that’s less than the cost of a can or pouch of tobacco in many states.)

New designs and partnerships could be announced anytimeâ?¦and you can guess what might happen to share prices.

It seems like the time is right for FLSR, hitting a robust industry in a hot streak, with a unique and hip product.

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