This Business start-up helps passengers get compensation up to 600 € in case of flight delay

A passenger is entitled to compensation in case of a flight delay of a specified time period but majority of people are not aware of their rights or don’t know how to claim it.

Claim flights is newly launched Start-up Company which helps passenger claim compensation in case of their flight delay or cancellation. The European law has clearly defined a compensation of up to 600 € for a flight delay of more than three hours plus reimbursements of other costs as well but as reported,  in the last 10 years only 2 per cent of the passengers claimed the compensation  resulting in at least 4 billion Euros of unclaimed amount.

Often due to the inconvenience and going through the task of a number of processes makes the passengers give up on it. In that kind of scenario when the passengers are not aware of their rights and don’t know how to proceed with the process of getting the compensation, the company Claim Flights comes into picture to resolve this problem.

Claim flights has gone into extensive research and came up with information, which revealed that there has been consistent violation of the passenger’s rights and at least 74 per cent of the passengers who applied themselves for the compensation did not receive it. Even the lawyers are not able to help people in majority of situations as they don’t have ADS-B flight data from airports, or weather and news data.

Moreover, if the passenger goes out to claim the compensation themselves they have to go through a number of steps like calculating the delayed flight claim amount, finding a suitable court for the delayed flight claim, finding the legal address for delayed flight against the airline in question then send that request to the airline. Also finding the lawyer who handles the flight claims, get him sign a contract and take out time for all the communication and formalities needed with the airline.

Additionally, the passengers might have to pay for all the upfront costs and the cost of an expert to give their opinion on the flight delay and the lawyer fees as well. Going through all these processes and bearing the cost becomes draining for the passengers and they finally decide to give up but Claim flights will resolve all these troubles with their knowledge and expertise by handling all these tasks themselves without any cost risk, which means, the passenger will only pay if they win the case. The passenger will just have to provide the basic information about their flight and rest all the process will be done by Claim flight.

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