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““When you have a husband who unselfishly contributes to your success, there is no way you can fail,” says Dr. Arlene Spann”

Dr. Arlene Spann is well known in the community for two things: She knows how to help people lose weight and become healthy and her personal marital bliss.  As one of the women leaders in the HLIC Movie, she talks about her personal journey and having a she has a supportive spouse who is a positive force in her business. “When you have a husband who unselfishly contributes to your success, there is no way you can fail,” says Spann with a mischievous twinkle in her eye. Arlene Spann tells a more light-hearted story in the film.

“Arlene is a happy, peaceful woman,” says Dr. Letitia Wright, director of the HLIC Movie. “You can clearly see it when she recounts the details of her story for the film.” The HLIC Movie has many stories of success after failure from the 33 different women leaders from all over the United States. Some stories are light and funny. Some of the stories expose the toxic situations the women were in. 

Today, Dr. Arlene Spann is free to focus on sharing her weight loss plan and journey from being pre-diabetic and overweight. Her proven system calls S.W.E.A.T.S. is especially helpful for those who think they have done all they can to lose weight. She is passionate about helping others bring spirit, body and mind together while reaching reasonable weight goals. She was written a book and offers classes and education on health and weight loss. The HLIC Movie was released in early July 2015.

You can learn more about Dr. Arlene Spann here: http://www.arlenespannsweats.com

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