‘Glass Slipperz’ will take away all the hassles you go through with your glasses

Imagine a situation when you’re working on an important project, trying to complete an important assignment or facing an interview, you want to put all your focus at one place but rather you keep adjusting your glasses which don’t seem to stay at their place. Glass Slipperz (literally!), is an amazing product which will take away all these hassles and simply make the wearer forget about adjusting their glasses again.

Glass Slipperz are temple grips which are made out of waterproof silicone rubber that slides perfectly into the temple grips of the eyewear, no matter what shape or size it is, it fits your spectacles, sunglasses etc. The material is stretchable and conforms to all size of frames approving to the one size fits all standard.

Glasses were introduced in 1268 and since then they have evolved into different shape of frames from round, square, cat eyed, printed colors and now even come with an customization options but no one has given quite a thought on the discomfort they cause when worn for long or the problem of slipping glass through your face. This innovative product is just made for that which will improve the comfort of your glasses without affecting your style quotient, in fact enhancing it. It encourages individual style and self expression.

The invention of this product was coincidental when the maker was working on a project and observed that she has been adjusting his glasses frequently so she went on to counting and it and the number came out to be 76 times.

She then observed other people and found out that most of the people who wear glasses face the similar problem like discomfort in ears and falling off glasses on to the floor, when they bend over to pick up something. After 6 months of hard work and research Glass Slipperz was made to ensure people don’t hurt their ears anymore and bear the loss of breaking their glasses.

The initial prototypes have been completed and the product has been launched in 10 colors as of now. To do the first production run and complete the patents, a lot of money will be required. The makers also promise, if they surpass the goal of raising a fund of $1500 they’ll donate 10 per cent to Onesight, a charitable organization which conducts free of cost eye exams and provides free glasses to the needy.

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