Vectorizely Vectorization Service Reveals Secrets to Quality Vectors

Vectorizely Vectorization ServiceSANTA MONICA – July 20, 2015 – The vectorization service industry, as familiar as plastisol is for the average person, serves a crucial component for the promotional printing, silk screening and advertising & marketing verticals. Vectorizely, the leading vectorization service, is the trusted and preferred raster artwork to vector conversion company for screen printers.

Vectorizely reveals some of their trade secrets to the public, in an effort to promote awareness and education on this important, behind-the-scenes industry.

“Superior technology. We are quantum leaps ahead of any of our competitors technologically, giving us the advantage of low cost per customer acquisition met with unmatched operational effiencies. This translates into savings for our customers, and at a higher quality than our competitors,” said the Chief Executive Officer of Vectorizely.

The vector service leader revealed a series of proprietary software that eliminates reportedly 87.5% of the tedium required for vector conversions, comprehensive guidelines and documentation for their graphic designers and an impressively rigorious quality assurance benchmark checklist. Vectorizely’s smart operational processes allows for the industry’s lowest price point at only $10 for each artwork to vector conversion.

“Our quality speaks for itself. We would not have so many screen printers that use us and refer their friends if the quality isn’t up to the highest of standards. These guys are as visually, aesthetically and detail orientated as they come. You see when you have quality service, customers come back and they tell their friends. This allows us to use budgets otherwise going to marketing back into perfecting our internal processes, which literally allows us to claim that we provide the absolute best quality of vectors and at an unbeatable price,” said the CEO.

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About Vectorizely

Vectorizely is the industry leading, professional vectorization service with over 13 years of experience in vector graphics. Vectorizely is the preferred service provider for many screen printers, print shops and advertising agencies.

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