W12 — Push the Boundaries and don’t be Afraid of Holding Multilingual Conferences

Multilingual conferences are far from easy to hold but with the right tools and resources they can be successful run

United Kingdom – 20 July, 2015 – When it comes to choosing the right conference venue, the location is hugely important. It needs to be a central location with great transport links so that delegates can get there easily. It also has to be large enough with a good layout so that your delegates are comfortable. One of the popular choicesto hold a conference is London due to its central location, good transport links and great venues available for hire.

Multilingual conferences are most commonly thought to be held between political leaders when politicians from different countries meet. While this is a good example of a multilingual conference, there are many other occasions where it is required.

When it comes to holding a multilingual conference, you need to establish a base language. This is the language that the main speaker introduces the conference in initially and often the language of the conference location. This doesn’t mean that all speakers have to talk in the same language however there does need to be a base language.

The layout of the room is important as interpreters have to be positioned such that they can see the speaker and others can see them. Although you could argue that they only need to hear and to be heard, eye contact is hugely important if the message is to be conveyed properly.

The venue needs to have good audio visual equipment and needs to provide headphones for those that require interpreters. The interpreters need to be well briefed on when to talk so that the conference flows smoothly.

Tony Steedman from W12 Conferences, a venue that provides conference venue hire in London said, “Multilingual conferences are becoming more popular as the world becomes more integrated. W12 Conference provides modern conference rooms available for hire that are flexible to the conference requirements.”

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