Replica Watches Survives Fight with Genuine Watch Makers

Improving quality and distribution greatly helped replica watches to remain popular among buyers of imitation watches.

The business of manufacturing and selling replica watches survives even with the ongoing fight with the makers and distributors of authentic or genuine watches.

Replica watches, the higher end version of imitation or fake watches are manufactured to look like the original model. Technological advances have made it easier to make replica watches that are hard to differentiate from the original.

A Google search for “replica watches” gets more than 10 million results while “replica watches website” gets almost 800 thousand results. The results show that replica watches are easily available to those who are interested in owning an expensive looking watch at a much lower price.

The global annual production of imitation watches is at around 40 million. While it is only 3.33% of the 1,200,000,000 watches sold worldwide according to the Statistic Brain Research Institute, it is much more than the 29,200,000 Swiss watches sold in the same period. The numbers were from the institute‘s research as of February 2015.

However, the value of the imitation watches is only 6% of that of the Swiss watches.

The Swiss watch industry is the worried about the continuing demand for imitation watches because they own the most imitated brands like Rolex. They claim to lose billions of dollars each year even as they continue to work with various governments to confiscate fake and imitation watches

In 2010, a Swiss brand also initiated a campaign to shame the buyers of fake watches with its “Fake Watches Are for Fake People” slogan. Seems like this campaign had more side effects over years, because was interpreted as an insult to those that can’t afford originals. As sign of solidarity, a part of those that afford them, stop buying it.

Apparently, the shame campaign together with confiscating and destroying imitation watches were not enough to stop manufacturers of replica watches. Another branded watch manufacturer is planning to identify their expensive watches with hidden or concealed laser images.

On the other hand, some buyers of replica watches comment online that the genuine watch makers are not losing sales with their purchase of replica watches because they can never afford the price of the real watches. They say that they are not really part of the luxury watch market anyway.

In the meantime, interested buyers of replica watches continue to enjoy the convenience of visiting the websites of the various online stores (like the well-known selling the watch brands and models they can now afford to own.

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