This shower wheelchair by Arcatron can make life much easier of people with limited mobility

Arcatron, a pune based startup has built a shower wheelchair for people who need locomotive assistance and face challenges in performing day to day activities particularly while using rest rooms and showers. Physically moving to the bathroom involves the risk of slipping into the bathroom, difficulty in using the toilet seat which may lead to possible injuries. The product is designed keeping in mind 110 million elderly people in India and 12 million people who suffer from loco motive disorder, the main motive of the product is to ensure easy and safe transfers while enabling a user to take bath and use different heights of commode and use the toilet safely without much trouble.

The product will only require a care taker and in fact, the advanced battery operated version of it, which is currently in advanced stage of R & D, won’t even require that and the user will be able to move by themselves. The makers have considered a number of factors while designing this product for example; the overall dimensions are designed so that it can fit easily into compact bathroom and of course, it has to be made waterproof which is done using stainless steel, aluminum and waterproof upholstery. The product also comes with height adjustability which makes it able to fit over the toilet seat conveniently and also helps the user transfer to bed easily. The stable design of the chair ensures safety of the user while sitting and it requires no tools to disassemble and hence enhances the portability.

Height adjustability, flip up armrest and detachable footrest makes the bed transfers easy. The waterproof, easy to disinfect and ergonomic seating ensures maximum comfort to users. The makers have focused on another important aspect of the chair design; its serviceability and making sure that the basic spare parts should be available in the market. With all the mentioned features the similar chairs sell in Europe between the ranges of $1200-2000 but with simplified design and innovation and Arcatron has been successful in keeping the cost of the manual chair around Rs. 13000 This could be a breakthrough product for the people with locomotive disorders and has the potential to improve home and hospital care. More information can be found on their official website of Arcatron.

Team: NIT Calicut (alumni)

Product launch: 28 July

Media Contact
Company Name: Arcatron Mobility Pvt Ltd
Contact Person: Ganesh Sonawane
Phone: 8600054430
Country: India