MMP (USA) Recently Sent Camera Crews On Location for Worldwide Business with kathy ireland to Pennsylvania to Discuss Building Brand Advocates

Worldwide Business with kathy ireland
MMP (USA) recently sent their award winning camera crew on location, to film interviews for an upcoming feature on innovative ways to build brand advocates.

Brand advocates are customers who pass along favorable, word of mouth comments and messages to other potential customers.  A big part of any Brand’s marketing efforts includes developing brand advocates among key influencers. Influencers can be family, friends, and the person at the cash register. They are often perceived as knowledgeable and in many cases, experts.  These individuals all have the ability to influence a customer’s purchase decision.

In an upcoming episode, Worldwide Business with kathy ireland will feature an organization that has a long history of helping companies create brand advocates through experiential and educational events and activities. They will discuss with us innovative ways they engage a customers to become both influencers and brand advocates. They further explain how by combining customer event activations with retail and wholesale events, along with training and incentive programs, companies can build brand advocacy from both sides of the point of purchase.  This is performed all while collecting and managing participant data to maintain an ongoing dialog between brand and advocate.

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