“Masks” is a Stunning Artistic Work that Will Challenge and Excite Readers

For many years, the field of comic books has been the chosen arena for many of the revolutionary and creative minds in the artistic world. These artistic works are the intersection of literature and visual artistry, and are the ideal vehicle for examining some of society’s most important issues. Amidst these modern virtuosos has arrived a brilliant, new artist, Daniel Warner who has created “Masks” which will take its place among the pantheon of great masterpieces of the genre.

“Masks” is the story of a fractured humanity, which has destroyed the world through civil war. In 1965, mankind is divided into Masks and Maskless as the result of a botched scientific experiment. The two factions wage a devastating war that turns much of the planet into a desert wasteland. Almost a century later, a Mask known as the Bookkeeper is searching the decaying ruins of the world for one very special book.

In collaboration with the acclaimed artist Matias Zeballos, Daniel has created a unique masterwork that will capture the imagination of readers. The genius of “Masks” is that it uses many of the most common tropes of science fiction as a foundation for a story that is utterly new and compelling. Once readers experience the complex characters, breathtaking visual artistry, and captivating narrative, “Masks” will become a must-own for any fan of speculative fiction.

While much of the work for the first issues is complete, Daniel is currently working on later issues in the planned 12 to 24 issue set. He is inviting fans to join him in creating this unique project through his Indiegogo campaign. Financial support will help pay for text layout, editing, and artwork; if the stretch goal of $17,330 is reached, “Masks” may be released as a paperback. In return for supporting this campaign, backers can receive valuable perks like early access to issues, digital downloads, posters, signed postcards, T-shirts, character based on you, custom artwork, recurring character based on you, signed novels by Daniel Warner or producer credits.

To learn more about “Masks” or to make a financial pledge, please visit: http://bit.ly/1COhOVl

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Company Name: Masks comic book Issue #1
Contact Person: Daniel Warner
Email: sirdanielwarner@gmail.com
Country: United States
Website: http://bit.ly/1COhOVl