Stinky Toot Boy Saves the Day

One mom’s passion to combat bullying led her to write this humorous and timely children’s book, and now she needs your help to see her project through.

Inspired by the birth of her son, Stephanie Marlett (33) authored a children’s book about him (and his well-deserved nickname), and soon Stinky Toot Boy came to life. Being a new mother brought Stephanie a new perspective on the world, and an innate yearning to protect her child in every way possible. One of the biggest problems facing children these days is bullying. As a victim of childhood bullying, Stephanie can speak firsthand on how destructive hurtful words from peers can be, the effects of which can be long-lasting when directed at children at a young age. The author wanted to depict a character who may be different from his peers in some way, and empower him to overcome his fears and embrace who he is in the face of adversity, just as she hopes her son one day will do if he finds himself in a similar position.

Stephanie wrote the book, was granted a copyright, and the art is currently underway. But she needs help to get her children’s book published, distributed and marketed properly. She created a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign to cover costs, as being a stay-at-home mom doesn’t allow her the opportunity to raise money on her own to cover the substantial costs. With 21 days left on the campaign and halfway to reaching her goal, she is reaching out to her community see that her project is fully funded.

About the Book:

In the vein of “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” and “The Ugly Duckling”, “Stinky Toot Boy Saves the Day” focuses on a young boy, Jaxton, who is ostracized by his peers because of a unique character trait — he toots when he’s nervous or shy. Jaxton tries to fit in but he’s mercilessly ridiculed by a bully who won’t tolerate his “flaw”. Only one young girl, Emma, sees beyond his flaw and tries to befriend him, but Jaxton continues to push her away out of embarrassment for who he is.

One day, on a field trip to the park, the bully is being particularly cruel and even gets the other children to participate in the name-calling. While Emma tries to stand up for him, Jaxton is so hurt that he runs away and finds solace in a willow tree at the other end of the park. When all of a sudden the bully is attacked by a swarm of bees, Jaxton musters up the courage to be the bigger person, and scares the bees away with his toots. In the end, Jaxton saves the class bully from harm, and he is regarded as a hero. 

An excerpt from the book: “And with that, Pete ripped off the cape and threw it in a mud puddle. Jaxton was so embarrassed that all of a sudden, Pffft! He let out a loud, smelly toot. Jaxton’s face turned bright red as the children laughed at him.”

About the Author:

Having studied writing at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and as a published writer for several newspapers, magazines and anthologies, Stephanie Marlett understands the importance of engaging an audience as quickly and succinctly as possible. Her experiences working as a preschool teacher, and later as an elementary tutor through the Los Angeles Unified School District, have allowed her to understand how to appeal to this unique age group. Perhaps it is her proudest role as a mother to a baby boy that makes her the most qualified to author books that children can enjoy.  

About the Illustrator:

The incomparable Ryan Donoghue was brought on board to illustrate Stephanie’s children’s book. Ryan has worked in Animation and Entertainment fields for over 17 years now, and his impressive resume boasts Animation Director and Supervisor for feature films including Alvin and the Chipmunks, Night at the Museum, Chronicles of Narnia and many more! Stephanie is  thrilled that he is helping her bring Stinky Toot Boy to life! You can see more of his amazing work here.

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