Airwheel A3 razor scooter electric Brings the Riders the Most Beautiful and Comfortable Trip

The development of science and technology starts from people and serves people. The designers of Airwheel are customer-oriented. What they produce is not an icy product, but a good helper to facilitate people’s lives.

Airwheel A3 self-balancing scooter is the leading role in the 2015 new product release announcement. Its biggest breakthrough—the riding-posture model—provides the scooter lovers with a special way of locomotion. Different from the traditional scooters, A3 is energy saving and comfortable. Although it is added with a saddle, the users can still ride it into the elevator or put it into the office. It only occupies the one-tile-sized space, which is less than 0.25 m2 and it can simply turn 360 degrees at the same place, which is very agile and flexible. As the riders are sitting, the chief task is how to reduce the shock. If it still uses the traditional tires and materials, the riding experience will definitely be tight and painful. Therefore, Airwheel A3 adopts the original hydraulic suspension, the combination of damping design and hardness adjustable spring shock absorber. The cushion is also used the highly ventilating leather, which is not only cool, but also very comfortable to sit.

In addition, the brand new battery is another shining point. Regardless to these advantages, people sill scruple about the issue of electricity blackout halfway. In fact, such misgiving is groundless. First of all, Sony lithium-ion battery provides A3 with a strong power capacity, which satisfies the need of a long-distance trip. Thus, a frequent check of electricity status will iron out this issue. Secondly, as a worldwide famous smart car-producing firm, Tesla aims to accelerate the development of outdoor power storage device. The era of outdoor quick charge is coming. A3 will have a bright future.??

Sitting while riding, the scooter loves will enjoy a more comfortable and long-distance trip, due to its sitting-posture model and the powerful battery. Airwheel A3’s bright future is coming and all the customers will definitely love it. 

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