Airwheel electric scooter distributors the Future Trend of Mobile Traffic Field

Electric scooter appears more and more frequent in different TV dramas, entertainment programs and streets. Today let’s talk about the prospect of this new transport.

When electric scooter appears in more and more movies, TV dramas and entertainment programs, people begin to feel interest in this new transport. Today let’s talk about the prospect of this new transport. 

For most of people, they first saw electric scooter in big activities. The guards used electric scooter as transport to go on patrol. The built-in gyroscope system enables rider to control the scooter by change his center of gravity. In the present market condition, the quantity demanded is much larger than supply quantity in the whole industry. The electric scooter market is going to develop from quiet period to the outbreak period.

Airwheel is mainly targeting the market blank between driving and walking. The goal of Airwheel electric unicycle is not to replace car or walking, but to produce the wearable transport that can improve the efficiency of walking. Mr. Zuo Guogang, CEO of Airwheel said:” In the recent 30 years, there is no huge revolution in the mobile traffic field. Even the Google unmanned car is still in the early stage. Therefore, the huge revolution is going to happen in the future 30 years. Airwheel hopes to seize this opportunity.” 

The appearance of Airwheel electric self-balancing scooter in entertainment programs and TV dramas plays an important role to promote this new transport and attracts some curious audiences to buy it. With the idea of electric scooter had known by more and more people, there are two problems producers have to deal with. On the one hand, how to make more people know the value of the product. On the other hand, find ways to solve the problem of capacity.

At first, in order to focus on mass market, Airwheel gave up the interests of business market. Unexpectedly, the user demand is largely exceed Airwheel’s expectation and the market prospect is very good. 

In the field of mobile transport, revolution had not appeared for a long time. The revolution in this field is the future trend of transport. How to find the rigid demand of users in this market is still a problem for all producers.

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