The book SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGIES FOR BARBERS & STYLISTS tells about the power of social media for growing a business

The newly launched book “Social Media Strategies for Barbers & Stylists: How To Grow Your Business” will reveal the tried and tested methods for growing in hair and beauty industry as well as the other industries and small businesses. This book will help any business that needs to use social media for branding their product or advertisement.  The first chapter of the book tells the readers about the importance of using social media for a business while the next chapter talks about the software and hardware required using it.

The journey of author Dave Diggs’s personal life is no less than an exciting story plot, from spending 5 years in California State prison, becoming a barber student, working in a small barbershop to writing a book, creating a award winning documentary and releasing best selling hair cutting DVDs, Dave has done it all!  

Dave credits a major part of his success to the apt utilization of social media and in the chapter 3 to 9 of his book he also talks about the top 7 media outlets he used to achieve success in his field. In the last chapter of his book he summarizes it all. Dave explains in his book, with his experiences, the strategies and techniques he used to gain more profit in his business and maximize its potential.

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About Author

Dave Diggs studied computer engineering at the San Jose State College and later on graduated from San Francisco Barber College and used his technical background to create a social media strategy which helped him take the barbering industry by storm.  He has travelled all over the world teaching people how to cut and style hair and utilize social media to grow their business before finally including all his experiences and learning in his book. Through his strategies, he has popularized his personal brand “Dave Diggs the barber” and his barbershop brand “The Barbers Inc Barbershop”.

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Company Name: The Barbers Inc Barbershop
Contact Person: Dave Diggs
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