Sewage spills aren’t the business, but here is how you can take care of business when it happens

Can’t go wrong with full body suits to protect from the many bacteria and viruses lurking in that sewage.
Sewage spills can occur at the most random times and in the random places. Sewage spills aren’t really a topic to discuss due to its unpopular problem that the general public does not want to deal with.

Sewage is not the business because of so many reasons that it comes with. Once a sewage spill happens it has to be cleaned up immediately due to its many contaminated items that it carries.

The efforts of sewage cleanups deal with a lot of protection. Protecting yourself and the severity of sewage spills is highly important to understand that this raw sewage can have long term harmful effects. Raw sewage carries bacteria, parasites, and many viruses that cause illness, illnesses depending on the extent of how long the sewage was exposed. More severe cases can be linked to diseases such as Hepatitis A and Leptospirosis. Be cautious about sewage spills from oral contact, stay away!

Cleaning up sewage spills is pretty tedious job to do. If a sewage spill occurs first thing you should do is observe the area and to wear protective clothing to help protect and fend off the bad stuff. The protection that is common to wear is rubber gloves and boots, long pants, a shirt, face mask, and safety googles. By these actions it will assure yourself that you will not catch anything that will cause harm to yourself.  Also make a note to keep children and pets out of the infected area, until it is safe to go back.

The following steps deals with moving furniture, appliances, and other needs that may need to be met in order to make this clean up a success. Dispose of the items that cannot be dry cleaned or thoroughly cleaned with hot water. If any of your household items have been affected, we highly suggest going out and hiring a professional to do the job. Many occurrences may happen and obstacles that a person has to jump through in order to successfully do a clean-up job.

Cleaning up and disinfecting all of the hard surfaces from your walls, floors (ranging from your linoleum, hardwood, concrete) and other surfaces. Using hot water and a mild cleaning agent like dish detergent before rinsing with a bleach solution.  Once the task has been finished, make sure to disinfect all the items that have been used to clean up the mess. Don’t forget to thoroughly wash your hands and fingernails. It is hard work but someone has to do it. In any case hiring a professional wouldn’t hurt either! 

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