New Faux Finish for Clawfoot Bathtubs Making a \”Splash\” With Customers

Classic Clawfoot announces a new faux finish exterior option for some of their acrylic clawfoot tubs. This faux finish is made to give the tub exterior a look that mimics that vintage copper patina. The company has reported that their recently launched faux finish “Aged Dark Copper” has been well received by the customers, because it is a more affordable alternative to real copper clawfoot tubs. Their online store offers a range of clawfoot tubs available in this special “Aged Dark Copper” faux finish exterior as an upgrade option.

“The response from our customers has been very positive. People are absolutely thrilled with their new bathroom centerpiece.” — Eli Fry, President – Classic Clawfoot

The company reported that more and more customers are choosing clawfoot bathtubs for the on-trend yet classic look. According to interior design experts free standing baths have been a big trend for the year 2015 and also going into year 2016. The popular free standing bath trend has carried over from last year and will continue to serve as a focal point in trendy bathrooms moving into the future.

The Aged Dark Copper faux finish exterior is an interesting style with a metallic finish, deviating from the typical stainless steel finishes giving off a contemporary luxury feel. For something different in the metallic finish category, chrome, brushed nickel, and oil-rubbed bronze, would keep things interesting.

Eli Fry said: “Our richly textured faux finishes can give you a beautiful finish that mimics a copper-like patina, without the crazy high price tag of a real copper tub.”

Classic Clawfoot offers a variety of choices to suit the different needs of customers. The new finish is available as an upgrade option, and takes approximately 2 weeks to prepare. Fry further stated that since every ordered tub is painted to order, each will be a 100% unique work of art.


Classic Clawfoot Tubs is dedicated to providing our customers with high quality products for their bath that will inspire them to create the ultimate bathroom oasis right in their very own homes. We have the product they need them to provide that relaxing, stylish atmosphere they can enjoy and that will raise the value of their home.

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