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Discover the 2016 party dress trends on how to be the best dressed. Anyone who is looking for major party dress inspiration for 2016 can refer to the latest trends that featured on the runways.

Jecicadress.com has unveiled the gorgeous 2016 party dresses in the Chinese Fashion Week. Anyone who is looking for major party dress inspiration for 2016 can refer to the latest trends that featured on the runways. The fashion world waits for no one and the trends, colors, inspirations, themes are forever changing. It may be a little hasty to start talking about the party dress trends for 2016, however the time flies, after taking a family summer holiday, then preparing for a new school year and then Christmas… Then it’s in 2016.

Lace and layers

Choosing a party dress is a step by step process. And first, let’s start with the fabric that you choose. The second thing is the time of the party. If it is summer, a loose, light chiffon dress is a comfortable choice. In the party show, many designers are featuring the return of lace and layers, such as Millybridal, or Jecicadress.

Two piece

Looking to be dressed up like a real princess? A two piece party dress with a voluminous skirt is the perfect choice. Just forget any inhibitions and make a fashion statement by wearing a two piece party dress. 

Black and White

Black and white is a combination that never be out of fashion. Jecicadress, the party and cocktail dress designer, has included this color scheme in their collections as a core that lets the fashion ladies look radiant and chic.


Transparency doesn’t mean totally see through, but mysterious and classy. The masterpiece of the party dress collection is a high neck detailed dress with majority transparent.

Bold and strong or light and airy?

Jecicadress suggests girls to choose from with different inspirations from various designers and trends. For the summer soiree, pastels, such as light pink, baby blue or the nude would be preferred.

Anyone who would be love to know more about the ideas on styles, colors, themes, patterns, and fashion trends, please visit the blog of Jecicadress. Start to adapt and create that glamorous guest look by choosing party dresses or cocktail dresses at Jecicadress.


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