Homecomingirl Holds a “Buy Homecoming Dress, Win European Tour” Activity

In early July Homecomingirl celebrates its anniversary by holding a game online with the theme “Buy Homecomingirl Dress, Win European Tour” and promotes its star products—short homecoming dresses collection in an attractive way.

A lot of students have started preparing for the homecoming. Homecomingirl has obviously drawn the most of these girls’ attention in all the homecoming dress shop online. But why? Homecomingirl holds an eye-catching activity named “Buy Homecoming Dress, Win European Tour” to promote its products. The activity is also an important part of its anniversary event in July.

The activity is open to the public like all the other actions Homecomingirl plans before. Any who has registered at Homecomingirl has the chance to get a 7-day European tour of 5 countries. In fact the game starts in mid-June. Every account can get one electronic scratch card at the website every day while old users who have bought dresses from Homecomingirl can get two more cards. During this period, ladies can also shop homecoming dresses at Homecoming as usual, but they will get one-tenth-of-the-price scratch cards after submitting their order successfully. For example, she can get 15 scratch cards if one buys a homecoming dress worth $150. Words, numbers or symbols will show up after removing the covered space with the mouse. There is no blank scratch card. All the cards have something to appear: 1. “FAST SHIPPING” or “FREE SHIPPING” tickets. Users can get the fastest shipping for free after getting the “fast shipping” card and getting a free shipping chance without paying the additional $25 shipping cost. 2. Numbers and dollar mark. It is kind of a coupon. Customers can use this coupon when buying dresses at Homecomingirl. 3. Words. “E” “u” “r” “o” “p” “n” “t” turns up at random. Customers apply to getting the European Tour chance after collecting all the words of “European Tour”. They need to tell the customer service or directly submit the application with a screenshot before the deadline. The result comes out the day after the entry closes. The customer contacts Homecomingirl about the exact process of the Tour.

The Product manager says, “Homecomingril is always glad to satisfy our customers. A lot of customers support us since Homecomingirl sets up. We have received a lot of emails from our customers. They thank us a lot for making such good products. The collection our users like the most is short homecoming dresses. It is our anniversary. We provide the chance of travelling in Europe to express our appreciation. But the tour is all that we do. More activities are coming. Please wait.”

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