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United Kingdom – 23 July, 2015 – For IT professionals attempting to keep up with the changing trends in Microsoft MCSA & MCSE Certification, Online Learning Zone provides an industry-leading service based on over a decade of student training, consultation and support. With Microsoft recently revamping their entire certification structure, and reusing their old MCSA and MCSE acronyms – but with different meanings than before, many students have been left slightly confused as to the correct training route for them.

The original MCSA & MCSE terms related to the ‘Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator’ and ‘Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer’ networking qualifications respectively. These were based around Server 2000 & 2003 editions. The newly introduced ‘Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate’ and ‘Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert’ programs have sought to bring together a more extensive range of current technologies at the enterprise level; streamlining the certification path and bringing it into line with a wider modern systems-view.

There are currently seven different MCSA certification programs, and nine different MCSE groupings. Each MCSA comprises of 2-3 exams, with a further 2 exams to upgrade it to the more technical and systems-management oriented MCSE certification. Many students find this predominantly network and systems based path appropriate after gaining one or two base-level CompTIA qualifications, such as the A+ & Network+.

Microsoft certified training programs offer the strongest choice and value for potential network and server students, as they’re custom designed to precisely suit the requirements of that particular IT role — from a real-world operational perspective. For those who don’t yet have a clear idea about their career direction, but want to specialise in systems administration, implementation or support, the MCSA provides the ideal route, as most MCSAs lead to a variety of MCSE possibilities; meaning the student has multiple options for continuation.

Online Learning Zone doesn’t just offer a single ‘all-in’ program. Instead, they’ve designed many specific courseware routes to help newcomers, mid-level professionals and IT veterans alike to stay equipped; for career-advancement to higher roles in their current employment, or in their search for a new job. All training courses can be studied at a student’s own pace, from the comfort of their home or workplace, via interactive and engaging online multimedia. Full motion instructor-led videos provide a world-class personalised teaching experience — that both encourages retention, and ensures the correct syllabus is covered in depth.

About Online Learning Zone:

Online Learning Zone is the one-stop destination service for IT students and job-seekers. Be it Microsoft certified server training, computer fundamentals programs or professional IT career-paths, any student considering some kind of Microsoft certification program, who may be confused over the dizzying array of options available, will find their service a worthwhile resource to consider.

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