Use Rookiework to Find the Ideal Marketing Professional for Your Company

America is filled with creative, passionate marketing professionals who are eager to make your business a success, and many of those marketers are students. With a new online service called Rookiework, you can find the ideal young marketing professional who can design and manage your next online or offline promotional campaign. Best of all, because this marketing professional is still finishing up their degree, you can obtain their assistance for only the fraction of the cost of an advertising agency.

Rookiework is the brilliant idea of Thomas Storfjord who recognized the immense pool of talented college and graduate studens that are eager to make their ideas work for businesses. He has built Rookiework to help connect these untapped minds with business owners who need to market their enterprise. This service enables you, the business owner, to lay out the marketing strategy you would like to use. Student users then submit proposals on how to make that strategy a reality. Once you decide on which proposal you like best, the chosen student completes the work. When you are satisfied with the work, you pay the student through the Rookiework service. Best of all, you can help your business reach new customers while also helping a young marketing student pay for their education.

This exciting new platform will not only help many American businesses, but will also give many marketing students the opportunity to test their skills in the real world. Although Thomas Storfjord has developed an amazing work solution for the marketing industry, he needs your assistance to build the platform. To raise the funds to create Rookiework, Thomas has sponsored a campaign on the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo. In return for supporting this historic project, you can receive valuable perks like Expert Rookie privileges, custom printed placards, rights to display Rookiework logo on your website, iPad case, wallet with cellphone charger, or Benefactor status.

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