Roger Colley Establishes Himself as the Next Tom Clancy with His New Novels “A Truthful Myth” and “In Three Days”

There are few authors working in the field of thriller fiction that possess Roger Colley’s ability to create an exciting and intellectually challenging page turner. Using some of the latest scientific information about global warming, electromagnetic pulse warfare, and bioterrorism as the backdrop for his new novels, “A Truthful Myth” and “In Three Days”, Roger Colley has created compelling stories that place a mirror to our government and society.

In “A Truthful Myth”, Roger writes about how the U.S. government implements a Master Plan that relocates 300 million Americans at risk from climate change events. In the face of this cataclysmic policy, two chemical engineers, Rose Haines and Michael Reynolds, dispute many of the “truths” about climate change, and race against time to save the American people from woefully misguided leaders. This powerful and thought provoking work has garnered praise from critics across the social spectrum including Dr. H. Lieberman, Dr. A. Moomjian and the National Political Inquirer.

In his second novel in this trilogy, “In Three Days”, Roger details a terrifying 9/11/2021 attack on the United States by fanatical terrorists fueled by the belief that the U.S. is the cause of global strife. These zealots detonate a nuclear electromagnetic pulse bomb, knocking out the country’s atmospheric communications and ground electrical systems, while simultaneously unleashing a contagious, airborne Ebola virus which proves lethal within three days. Michael Reynolds returns to once again neutralize these disasters that our political leaders failed to prevent. “In Three Days” is more than a pulse-pounding work of fiction—it is an incisive examination of the country’s current vulnerabilities to EMP and biological threats and serves as a national warning that we need to be better protected.

Roger Colley is a graduate of the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. He has served in a number of illustrious positions both in the private and public sectors, including the president of two high-tech public companies and as a trustee of the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. He has served as a founder/director of several health care startups, as well as the outside director of an aviation training enterprise. Using his considerable expertise in the engineering, biomedical and business fields, Roger writes thrilling fiction, nonfiction and screenplays.

To purchase “A Truthful Myth” or “In Three Days” please visit, or Barnes & Noble. He has appeared on many nationwide radio talk shows and is available for contact through his website.


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