Feminine hygiene “Jilgyungyi” registered for a patent for the ‘prevention and treatment of vaginal relaxation and colpoxerosis’ for the first time in the world

Haudongchun CEO WON-SEOK, CHOI feminine hygiene “Jilgyungyi” inventor
The global market for the Vaginal atrophy medicine grows averagely 6% every year, green light for Haudongchun export

Haudongchun (representative Wonseok Choi), female cleanser-specializing venture company, revealed on 15th that they had succeeded in registering the patent on ‘pharmaceutical composite for preventing and treating the vaginal relaxation or colpoxerosis’ (registration number: 10-1470282) for the first time in the world.

Haudongchun proven the effect of the vaginal contraction and the colpoxerosis simultaneously through this patent registration and Haudongchun is the first time that received the patent with these contents all around the world.

As a result of conducting the clinical test to 100 women for the registration of this patent, the internal pressure of the vagina remarkably increased about 385 after 3 days, about 52% after 5 days, which means it has an outstanding efficacy to the vaginal contracting power. As for the colpoxerosis, more than 83% of users answered the amount of their secretion increased.

Haudongchun obtained the patent from Korea, China, Hong Kong, New Zealand, and Russia about the prevention and treatment of the vaginitis in 2012 and was recognized with the technology on the vaginal relaxation and the colpoxerosis, so the green light is expected to light up to the export.

Especially, this patent registration is a result that was obtained in the prospect that the market for Vaginal atrophy medicine would expand 2 times as much as now in 10 years in major 7 countries, which is more meaningful. According to a report disclosed by Global Data, a business information service/consulting firm in England, the market volume will be expanded into the size of about 2 billion dollars in upcoming 2022.

Major 7 countries mentioned in the report include US, England, France, Germany, Italia, Spain, and Japan. The report anticipated the market for Vaginal atrophy medicine would continue the averagely 6% growth each year.

Meanwhile, Haudongchun developed ‘질경이’, a new-concept female cleanser, with a principle that the woman’s body maintains the cleanness by itself through the lactic acid bacteria on the basis of this technology. It is being sold in US, China, and Japan including Korea now.

Wonseok Choi, a representative of Haudongchun, said: “Jilgyungyi which was already recognized with the product power in the Korean, Chinese, and Japanese markets through this patent registration came to have a confidence it could work in US and Europe which was the world largest consumption market,” and revealed that, “We will put more spurs to the world market attack for Haudongchun to take a leap as a global pharmaceutical firm leading the world female health market.”


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