CanCigs celebrates their 1000th customer and is offering their e-cigs with advanced cartomizer technology at drastically reduced prices

23 July, 2015 – Canada – CanCigs website is the right destination for you to find an array of electronic cigarette range as the number one e-cig online retailer in Canada owns the site. This site of Canadian electronic cigarette retailer offers you the opportunity to browse through their range of electronic cigarettes along with prices that are affordable. The design of the site is very appealing and user friendly to assure that every buyer like you would have a positive shopping experience while choosing any one of the CanCigs product at

In addition, you will also find that the content of the website only refers to the electronic cigarettes as alternate devices for smoking. The site content would also inform you that the products that are displayed on the site does not have even a trace of tobacco, nicotine known for its addictive nature, tar or carbon monoxide. In addition, the vaping crowd would be delighted to know that the electronic cigarette products available for sale do not include any harmful carcinogens (70 variants) or other toxic chemicals (4000 plus variants). These electronic cigarettes are manufactured with a blend of artificial or natural flavors and propylene glycol to offer the smoker rich vapor that is refreshing and clean at the same time.

As a new shopper, you might have your own doubts about why you should  choose the electronic cigars offered by their site. The main reason why people prefer the electronic cigarette product range offered by CanCigs is that the manufacturer is based in Canada and has many years of experience as online retailer in e-cigs. The site would also impress you by stating that these electronic cigarettes are the resultant of 1.5 years of research and development that has made it design and develop the products of superior quality. Beginners who wish to enjoy some harmless smoking can shop for the basic starter kit or the pro starter kit available in black and white shades at this site.

You can also find disposable e-cigs with flavor options such as tobacco and menthol to satiate your cravings for a smoke. You can also shop for pack of 5 cartomizers to taste the real tobacco flavor from this well known brand. Furthermore, you can buy USB cable to charge your electronic cigarette or batteries to enjoy a never ending vaping experience from CanCigs site.

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About CanCigs:

CanCigs is rightly known as the No. 1 provider of the best electronic cigarettes in Canada as it is run by a Canadians for Canadians and has been in business for several years. The site would also tell you why CanCigs products are special as they are produced and designed by adhering to the stringent regulations and quality control measures that are laid by the rulings of Health Canada.

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