New AnyFlip Demos Highlight Benefits of Creating e-Publications with HTML5 Technology

AnyFlip’s free digital publishing software allows digital publishers to create interactive and engaging publications. Users of their flipbook maker can choose to use either Flash animation or the HTML5 version to make their digital content.

AnyFlip, a leading provider of flip book maker software, uses both HTML5 and Flash technology in creating publications. To assist customers in understanding the differences of both, the company recently created and launched two demo videos on its website to illustrate the capabilities of both.

The demos consist of a flipbook showcasing OYOY Living Designs’ products and another presenting the iPad Air 2. The presentation for the iPad Air 2 was created using Flash and so, requires a Flash player to work properly. Additionally, it can only play in browsers that support Flash, limiting the content to personal computers and specific devices.

On the other hand, the OYOY publication is a responsive and interactive flipbook that is designed using HTML5 technology. As such, it does not require a player in order to display the content and the publication can be viewed on all devices, including mobile phones and tablets. With the software from AnyFlip being built on HTML5, users can expect the same benefits when they use it to create eBooks, magazines, catalogs and other digital content.

AnyFlip has become a preferred flipbook creating software provider, trusted by over 30,000 companies worldwide. It has gained a solid reputation for helping digital publishers quickly convert printable documents into aesthetically appealing digital publications with realistic, page-flipping effect.

By providing the options of Flash or HTML5, AnyFlip allows users to create their content for desktop viewing only or for wider audiences. “Our innovative desktop publishing software allows you to deliver your content via the web, tablets, mobile devices, and social media channels,” said Jason Chen, CEO of AnyFlip.

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