Educators Finding New Income Opportunities in Online Courses

Online Media Company Leads The Way Monetizing Expertise

Washington, DC – July 24, 2015 – Village Connector Media, a company using the Internet and multi-media technologies to innovate content marketing in the self-education industry, has created a special opportunity for speakers, coaches, trainers, teachers, authors and educators to generate passive income streams in the rapidly growing market of online self-education courses.

Through its new initiative, Village Connector Education, the company has created a marketing and monetization system that allows educators to tap into a global market of consumers looking for online courses on virtually every self-help topic you can think of.  Each teacher in the program has their own virtual classroom where they can upload multi-media content, downloadable documents and other program resources that are then accessible to students who have paid for access to their programs.

Village Connector Media operates its own TV and radio production studios to assist educators in creating online courses, and to market those courses through social media and other Internet marketing strategies, including live streaming TV and radio events.  The company has also created a channel, an Internet TV network that reaches some 32 million viewers across the United States.

According to data available through Marketdata Enterprises, an independent research firm that studies the self-improvement industry, self-improvement products and services have consistently averaged $10 billion dollars annually since 2008, in the sale of books, CDs, seminars, and coaching.  However, a growing trend is the popularity of digital information products, online courses, and virtual seminars.  This trend has been fueled by consumer desire for cheaper and immediately accessible programs.  The opportunity is a global one with one popular online learning site boasting 50% of its sales coming from overseas customers.

Another important catalyst in the emergence of online courses is the increasing number of educators who are understanding technologies that allow them to enter the market without a major financial investment, and without having a dramatic technological learning curve. “There is no shortage of talented educators whose knowledge and expertise is sought online, says Glenn Garnes, the founder of Village Connector Media.  “We have simply made it simple and affordable for these educators to begin monetizing their talents globally with minimal time, energy and money,” explains Garnes.

For more information about Village Connector Education, or to arrange a tour of the facility, call (800) 306-6488, ext. 1.

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