New Oxygen Eye Mask Products Introduced by VIIcode

VIICode have added several new products to their line of beauty products. Now, they are selling a range of revolutionary new type of eye mask which consists of EOPE (Ecological Oxygen Plant Extraction). Several recent studies have shown that this natural cleansing process can strengthen the skin around the eyes and eliminate dark circles.

Puffy and swollen eyes have never looked good on anyone. Not only do these make you look dull, but they add years to your face as well. With the mainstream media constantly bombarding us with perfect celebrity looks, people’s requirements and needs are higher than ever — Luckily modern technology and research is progressing too, this allows new products to be developed and made. Many can offer near instant results, that are similar to more expensive procedures like botox. Best of all they can be applied at home.

Some of the new products listed, are now on sale called VIIcode Oxygen Eye Masks. These are sold through Amazon by VII Beauty LLC.

The eye mask comprises of EOPE (Ecological Oxygen Plant Extraction) and works through a process called aerobic skin care. When it is placed on the eyes, the VIIcode Oxygen Eye Mask supplies the skin around the eyes a consistent supply of oxygen to encourage cellular growth, reduce fine lines, prevents crow’s feet, prevents allergies and ensures a brighter look. It also comes with an All Star eye cream that is made from natural Alpine and Marine plant extracts that revitalize the skin. The VIIcode Oxygen Eye Mask is valued at $164 and comes in packs of 3.

Another product recently added is the SK-II Signs Eye Mask.

This eye mask targets fine lines around the yes, reduces signs of aging and dryness around the eyes. The masks are soft on the skin, comprise of moisturizer that is enhanced with Pitera and are free of GMOs and Sulfates. This is a cell treatment complex that contains ingredients (namely vitamin E, B and pro-vitamin B5) that are quite effective in smoothing out fine lines, moisturizing the eye area and making it brighter. This eye mask comes in packs of 14 and is currently valued at $115.

For those who have a lesser budget, their is also the Shiseido Pure Retinol Instant Treatment Eye Mask. This eye mask comprises of a set of concentrated eye shaped sheets based on micro infusion technology that allows its ingredients to penetrate the skin easily. This eye mask targets three types of wrinkles around the eyes: crow’s feet, crinkling at the corners and under eye wrinkles. This eye mask comes in 12 packets of 2 sheets each and is currently valued at $17.

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VII Beauty LLC sell a range of effective anti ageing products, that consist of the latest active ingredients which often give instant results, comparable to those of botox and other more complicated procedures.

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