Pilgrim: An Action Adventure Game Unlike Any Other

United Kingdom – On July 24th, Black Wolf Games launched an Indiegogo campaign for Pilgrim, a third person exploration/survival game set in a desolate arctic region. The game has you struggling to survive on a quest to find your brother. Exploring the frozen mountains, you chance upon a strange tower, which happens to be a portal to four ancient shrines.

“Pilgrim is an ambitious project by Black Wolf Games. Introducing a completely new sophisticated mechanic to gameplay, that poses complex traps and puzzles as bosses for the levels,” says the team, “Pilgrim is a unique mix of adventure, action, exploration and puzzle solving. A nameless Pilgrim embarks on a monumental quest to find his brother in the lost decaying world.”

The game is set in the beginning of XVIII century, somewhere in the northern region of Norway — frozen mountains, horrible blizzards, no signs of civilization, nothing to eat or to build a fire from — a place completely isolated from the rest of the world. You are an unnamed Pilgrim. A middle-aged man, armed with a special bow, short sword and a number of different types of arrows. The Pilgrim is extremely skilled in climbing; he carries a grappling hook for that express purpose.  

During gameplay you will explore the Tower and four great shrines of old. Use your remarkable climbing skills to get to places no one has ever been to before you. To survive you will have to search for food, craft weapons, escape the enemies and find a way to get past numerous traps, scattered throughout the depths of the shrines. 

“Black Wolf Games is an independent team of talented video game developers. We are working remotely across the multiple countries but the majority of the team is situated in the United Kingdom,” the creators explain, “Black Wolf Games is a virtual company, mostly working through internet. There are 5 members who are working full-time. We also hire contractors for specific tasks.”

Now the Black Wolf Games team has turned to the Indiegogo community for help raising the funds they need to finish this game. In exchange for pledging to the project, backers can gain access to a variety of rewards and get access to the full Pilgrim game once it is finished.

For more information, please visit the Indiegogo page here or contact the creator below.

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