Kuester Management Group Details Homeowner Responsibilities to the HOA

Kuester Management Group advises homeowners on the obligations they have to their Association.

There is much that an HOA does for homeowners — but there are also certain things that homeowners must do for the HOA. According to Kuester Management Group, HOA life requires some give and some take, and homeowners are prudent to know and understand the scope of their responsibilities. In a new statement to the press, Kuester Management Group outlines some of these responsibilities.

“Whether you are moving into an HOA or have lived there for many years, it is never a bad time to refresh yourself on your Association’s rules and requirements,” comments Bryan Kuester, President of Kuester Management Group. “Obtain a copy of the CC&Rs, and review it thoroughly. Note that all of your obligations to the Association should be simple and common-sense, but it is good to know the specifics.”

Some of these specifics might entail behavioral expectations, Kuester says. “To make HOA life peaceful and pleasant for everyone, you need to behave politely and neighborly — though again, this should mostly be common sense,” he says. “Be mindful of noise levels, parking guidelines, pet policies, and so on.”

Homeowners may have obligations to the HOA’s architectural review committee. “The HOA preserves property values, and one way it does so is by ensuring that nobody paints their house neon yellow or erects a truly ugly-looking new addition,” notes Kuester. “If planning a major remodel, make sure you clear it with the committee.”

Finally, homeowners have some basic, common responsibilities to the HOA. “Pay your dues, read the rules, and attend the annual meeting,” Kuester says. “If you have time, volunteer for a committee. And always seek to be kind and understanding toward your neighbors. That’s how great communities are formed.”

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