Original, online travel content really is king

Running a business in the travel industry is challenging at the best of times. Companies want to ensure a reputable service, excellent word-of-mouth referrals and a website that’s descriptive and informative, drawing in potential customers by means of the words and images it showcases. It’s a no-brainer that those in the travel industry would hire a professional photographer to bring the service they offer to life, but what about the accompanying text? Long and tedious won’t cut it… neither will short and to the point if it’s copy littered with errors or that omits the vital highlights.

Alfalfa Content Generator offers a solution!

The perfect solution, which could be extended from their web copy to copy for a blog, social media posts and more, is to outsource this writing function to a professional online copywriting team with the industry experience, skill and talent to take their business a notch above the competitors. With a decade of international experience in the online copywriting game, Candice Winterboer runs Alfalfa Content Generator from a position of practical and knowledge-based experience when it comes to the travel and tourism industry. This is because she holds a business degree in Tourism Management & Marketing and because travel is a passion of hers — she’s currently based between Bern, Switzerland and Cape Town, South Africa — because what is a travel writer who never practices the art of travel?

Her team of writers share similar privileges: the professional writing web copy for a client could be sitting on a deckchair with a notebook in front of them and a cocktail by their side. And that’s why an authentic experience will come through in the words they pen, as well as a skilled use of the English language; all Alfalfa’s writers are English first-language speakers and the majority have qualifications in language, media studies and the like.

‘A trip back in time?’ ‘There’s something for everyone?’ ‘A city of contrasts?’ Off-putting! Travel sites can and should avoid the cliches that get would-be customers clicking elsewhere, by choosing a professional online-copywriting service that is a credit to both their business and the greater industry.

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