Brisbane Locksmiths the Main Factor behind Massive Crime Drop

The people of Brisbane can rest easy with the latest knowledge that a recent a recent ‘Australian Institute of Criminology’ study has stated that the crime rate in Brisbane, especially theft has seen a massive drop due to the better locksmith services and more secure lock systems. Locksmith Brisbane, Access Locksmiths are a Mobile Locksmith Service that is based in Ascot, Brisbane and has been serving the area for over one and a half decade. The company has help residential and commercial properties improve security through better locks and locksmith service.

Security experts believe that changing locks every few years is essential not only to maintain security but also to avoid the possibility of old locks becoming obsolete and changes in technology. Locks that are used frequently also go through a lot of wear and tear increasing their vulnerability and making them easier to pick or break.  Locksmith Brisbane, Access Locksmiths wish to highlight the dangers of having old and outdated lock because it can act as the weakest link. However in the recent year as more people have updated their security systems, fit deadlocks for both residential and commercial properties, which has resulted in a substantial decrease of theft.

A recent ‘Australian Institute of Criminology’ study (…00/tandi495.html) found that:

• Between 2001 and 2009 motor vehicle theft declined by 57 percent, burglary declined by 49 percent and other theft fell by 32 percent.

• Police detainees most frequently cited improvements in security as the reason for the property crime drop (31%, n=145).

Access Locksmiths 24 hour locksmith spokesperson said: “Locksmith Brisbane – Access Locksmiths are highly qualified to consult with you about your needs and only too happy to help.  Years of experience in south east Queensland has helped us to build up a huge knowledgebase of useful and practical locking and security methods.  Locksmith Brisbane Access Locksmiths have proprietary security systems developed in house that have not been beaten or foiled.  These systems are custom built for each implementation which is why criminals are yet to infiltrate our systems.”

Nonetheless, security experts suggest that after a break-in attempt and especially after a break-in it is essential that the looks are changed because even if the locks are still working, the force involved to break in the lock or to pick a lock will compromise the integrity of the lock. Emergency locksmiths can be called in for help for such issues.


Locksmith Brisbane Access Locksmiths provide mobile locksmith service is based in Ascot, Brisbane. Access Locksmiths have serviced Brisbane, Queensland with Mobile Tradesmen since 1999, the company provides a comprehensive range of locksmith services for both residential and commercial clients.

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